Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Origin Screening

Wednesday 21st July saw me merrily  making my way down to London for the Cast and Crew screening of Origin, Danny Stack's fantastic short film.

It's been about ten years since I've been to the Big City and I was just a wee bit nervous.

I  discovered that there is a weird time somewhere in the middle of the night/early morning called 5am and not really knowing what to do with it, I found myself still asleep for the first part of the journey. As soon as I opened the front door, a torrential downpour of rain began but  I courageously managed to fight my way to the bus stop. I  grabbed some supplies and a book from somewhere and found myself on the correct train,
happily drifting to a semi-aware state of consciousness just in time for the first visit of the refreshment trolley somewhere around Arbroath.

Arriving at Kings Cross around 3pm, I somehow managed to blunder in all the right directions and got to my hotel.

The screening itself was just brilliant. Taking place at Working Title Films, Danny and his wife Jo had organised lovely food and drinks and made everyone feel so welcome.

After everyone had arrived and relaxed, we went into the screening where Danny did an excellent job of thanking everyone and introducing the film.

The film was splendid, moving, and a joy to watch. If you ever get the chance to see it an upcoming festival – please do.

I met some fab people to whom I wibbled senselessly at (including James Moran and Jason Arnopp, Sam Morrison) as well as loads of other lovely folks too including Robert Yates and Hilary Wright. 

I have no idea how I got back to the hotel that evening – I was buzzing so much. Luckily the Gods of Transport and Blundering Idiots must have been looking favourably upon me that night and took pity on me.

Next day, I had a Tweetup with Jason, a jolly nice and smashing chap who not only let me play with his iPad, but bought me lunch too! It was lovely to finally meet up with him.

The rest of the day was filled with gaping happily out of the train window and trying to guess when the next trolley run would be.  By the time I got back at about 9:15pm – I was so tired I was even more incoherent than usual and basically fell into bed as soon as I got home.

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