Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Anthologies Abound

One of my New Year’s Resolutions back in January, was to update my blog more often. Well, actually it wasn’t, I just made that up to sound less lazy than I am.
I got a bit of a shock the other day to discover September had crept up on me rather suddenly. I’m convinced this is really just somewhere around mid-March and the Gods of Time are just playing an hilarious prank on me.
So, what have I been doing all these non-existent months then, I hear you cry. *Ignores the tumbleweed bouncing past*
I have had the pleasant opportunity of doing a little contribution for the first supplement of the Dark Hark Harvest RPG, Dark Harvest:Resistance, published by Cubicle 7. As the core book has already proved, Dark Harvest is a credit to its creator Iain Lowson.
Having already won the Griffie award for Best Roleplaying Product, Dark Harvest continues to grow in popularity with several exciting upcoming projects on the horizon. Among this, is an Anthology of short fiction, all centred around the terrifying setting of Victor Frankenstein’s Promethea. I’m hugely excited to say that I’ve written one of the stories to be included, and am truly flattered to be included among a group of high calibre writers that have also contributed to this project.

At the moment, I’m working on an anthology of short stories with a vaguely dark theme. More details to come regarding this, however I can reveal the titles of several of the featuring stories; they include, ‘Terms & Conditions’, ‘What Laura Wants’, ‘Time of the Month’, and the title story, ‘The Demon in the Laundry Basket’. More updates soon!