Friday, 30 January 2009

First Page!

I’ve just written the first page!!! I have no idea if it’s correct or good or rubbish or if I’m doing it right at all – but I’ve written it!

I wonder how many times it will change before I finally scrap it! :D

Thursday, 29 January 2009

First Project!


I’m just about to start on my first project. I’m probably aiming a little high – however, it will all add to the learning experience one way or another.

It’s a TV screenplay. A short drama to be a bit less vague.

I’ve just opened some shiney new files all ready and waiting for the Outline notes, Characters and my nice new shiney Script writing softwear!

Isn’t it exciting just looking at that fresh, empty page – not quite knowing where it’s going to lead?!

Right – now I’m off to do some work!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Head Fog!

Gaahh!!!! My head is mince. MINCE!

Can’t seem to pin down a single thought, never mind write it down!

I need tea. Lots and lots of tea. Maybe followed by coffee. Then more tea.


Isn’t it typical? When I’ve got a spare moment or two to actually sit down and write stuff – nothing comes to mind. Nothing solid anyway. However, as soon as I have other things that I must do, cleaning the house, for example – not because I particularly like cleaning or anything – just when I absolutely have to because I can’t find the floor anymore or something, THAT’S when the urge to scribble becomes overwhelming and loads of ideas, or maybe just one strong one comes barging into my head and I just have to do it!

Oh, I downloaded a script-writing template thingy yesterday. It was quite late so I haven’t had the chance to use it yet … so Yay! New Toy to play with :D


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Ideas

Had a few more ideas (bet you couldn’t guess that from the cunningly deceptive post title ;) )

One I’m not too sure whether to run it as a short story or a practice screen play…M

Friday, 16 January 2009

A Slow Day

Didn’t get much done yesterday – too much RL stuff getting in the way!

Got several ideas rolling around in my head though – all jumbled up and mashed, but they’re there!


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

More General Ramblings

I’m really amazed already! I’ve had a good few hits on this site already!

Thank you so much to jrotman and Windy Lynn for taking the time to leave lovely comments and give some good advice and helpful links! What a boost! Thank you!

A while ago, I downloaded Writer’s Cafe which I’ve used to work out some plot lines for the forum I mentioned previously.

It’s got some lovely little things in it – you can create unlimited journals for just rambling away at, notebooks for specific projects, a nice little timeline for working out scenes and their positions – you can move them around and jiggle them all over the place, and at the end, it’ll print it all out for you in whatever format you’re doing ie Screenplay, novel etc.

Now, I’ve been looking at it in a whole new light! It’s a great little program and I’m determined to use it to it’s full capability. I love it! Now… if only I could find the button that makes it actually write a best selling article/screenplay/novel/short story… I’m sure it must be hiding in there somewhere….

One of my big problems is that I spend lots of time searching around for lovely tools to use, then I never actually do anything with them! Something that I must change if I want to make a go of this! :)

I also like using smilies a lot too :D :D :D

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What I Hope To Do Today

Today – I’m going to do a little bit of digging around to find out about submitting articles to various places – you know, magazines, web sites, comics – that sort of thing.

Painfully Boring and Dull First Post

Yesterday, I was looking through some helpful web sites trying to get a few pointers in this very large and bewildering new world I’ve decided to step into.

After a short time I began to feel quite frightened! Oh no! There’s all this stuff going on and ‘how to’s’ and ‘What not to do’s’ etc that I thought – “I can’t possibly do this! I have absolutely no experience whatsoever!!! I’d better just give up right now – I don’t stand a chance!”

I began to wonder whether this is just another example of one of my mad, compulsive ideas to be forgotten about as soon as my enthusiasm wears out again.

Well, it might be – I don’t know. It has been floating around in my head for a long time though and so I began to think about why I wanted to scribble away.

I’ve always loved writing little stories and English (along with Art) was one of the few subjects that I really enjoyed at school – mostly the creative side of it though – not the boring grammar and sentence structure etc… (Hmm, perhaps I really should have paid more attention to that now!)

For over a year and a half now I’ve been part of a collaborative writing and RP Forum on the all mighty interwebbyness. I’m not to going to say what it is yet – maybe another day… ;)

Basically it started out as a lot of people writing bits of various ongoing story threads as seen from their character’s points of view based on a popular BBC TV show – there now, that’s a bit of a clue isn’t it?!

Anyway, over the months, most of posters drifted off and so only a few remain. However, I began to find my initial character evolving and my postings becoming more detailed, the plots getting more refined etc to a point that it was really re-awakening my love for writing. Ideas were starting to grow and it was just so enjoyable! (Still is!)

I think that’s when I began to realise just how much I did love it all.

I began to find myself reading a few favoured blogs of ’real’ writers, a couple of which do actually write for the show which inspired our Forum. Gradually I started to really become interested in how they did things, and what it was all about.

I’m still at the very outer edges though – just taking the odd casual, interested peek into what it’s all about and maybe, just maybe, I can concentrate on this.

It always amazes me when other people, some of whom aren’t even threatened by me into actually reading the inane rubbish I spout on my other blog!

The fact that someone, somewhere has taken the time to read my random babblings gives me such a buzz and a boost!

I’ve just realised that there really isn’t a point to this blog post at all! There might have been when I sat down to write it – but whatever it may or may not have been has long gone!

Perhaps there’s no hope for me after all! However, I’ve just spent a good 10 minutes rambling away. I know! I’ll start practicing to be portentous and call it ‘Writing Practice!”

There – that sounds much better now doesn’t it!

Comments Welcome!

I forgot to say – that if anyone does happen by here – please feel free to leave comments! I’d love to hear from you!