Saturday, 29 August 2009


You remember that competition I was in the final held by Well, blow me down with a feather duster, if I didn't just go and win it!

I'm chuffed to bits to say the least and have probably bored everyone on the planet already in my excitement!

I was planning to put the prize money towards a shiny new Mac book, however they are rather pricey. I need to get some serious work done I think before I can afford one of those! However - all something to strive for! It's given me a real boost considering this was the first script I've submitted to a competition. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

I've also finished the proofreading I was doing - I really enjoy that. I've also been asked to do a short story for it which I'm about two thirds of the way through. Hopefully it will be good enough for inclusion - however, if not, it's all good. It means I have had some more valuable writing practice and had a pile of fun along the way!

Other news this week - I've booked a place for myself for the BBC Writers Room Roadshow which is visiting Dundee on October 14th. I'm hoping I'll hear back from them soon confirming my place so I can go ahead and book my train ticket.

I couldn't get to Frightfest in London, however I have been enjoying catching up with some scary flix on Film4's Frightfest season which they're running at the moment. I really am horribly behind on my movies! Last night I watched The Descent, on my own, dark room with headphones on.

Bad move.

I think it's actually the first film that has made me actually yelp out loud and nearly jump a mile at one point!
Afterwards I was desperate to get some nerve calming booze, however the only alcohol in the house was unfortunately in the cold, dark cellar and there was no way I was going down there!!!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Swings N Roundabouts

I can officially call myself a writer!!!

Today I got my first 'rejection' letter. The first script I'd sent to the the BBC Writer's Room was returned this morning - however, you know - I'm OK about it!

Obviously I'm a wee bit disappointed, however, it's all part of the job and right from the beginning I was determined to never to be put off by what, let's face it, would be inevitable for a vast amount of submissions.

So instead of getting all down about it, I see it as a positive step - I sat down, wrote something (which I'm still proud of) and actually sent it off. Now, I have a script which I can still use, adapt, and most importantly - have learned from!

Let's face it - it may be the first - but it certainly won't be the last!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

In a Sate of Disbelief!


I just got notified that I'm one of the five finalists in a competition I entered!

The competition was over at

This is the first actual script writing competition I've entered! To be honest I didn't think I stood an evil monkey's chance in somewhere not very monkey friendly!

I was so sure to be honest, that I'd already adapted it into a 5 episode series for another competition!

I don't seriously believe that I'm going to get any further but I am SOOOO amazed and chuffed to bits to be an actual finalist that I'm shaking!!!

Tesco 3 Bottles For a Tenner - here I come!!!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Summer's Plan

The other day I happened to fall upon a rather excellent opportunity - a competition by those frightfully helpful chaps over at the BBC Writer's Room.

As I was having a look through their site for any currently available opportunities, one in particular leapt right out at me. It's a scriptwriting competition designed for those living or were born in Scotland! Yay! Tick that box!

Downside is, I plan to use something that I've recently sent in for another US competition (deadline 8th Aug). That particular one was limited to 10 pages, however as I was writing it, I realised there was so much more I could do with it. I wrote it over two days and to be honest the subject was one that didn't have much interest to me when I first read about the theme of the US competition.
The idea though came in a flash and I felt that lovely warm feeling you get when you suddenly jump on a new idea.

This new competition is looking for the first script and outline for a series/serial and so yesterday, I spent the day drafting out the first outline for a 5 episode serial . I'm really excited about it and hope that I don't win that other comp now (not that there is much chance of that to be honest).)

I'll keep you posted about how things go. The deadline for the Scottish competition is November and I'm just itching to get dug in and expand it!