Friday, 30 March 2012


Wait. Where has January gone. And February, not to mention March? I want them back, you hear?! And that hour that was ungraciously stolen from me last weekend too. Just wrap them up in a nondescript brown paper bag, leave them on the doorstep and no more will be said on the matter.

So, what have I been doing these last few months then? Good question and if you know the answer, please tell me now. Thanks.

I vaguely remember doing a treatment, a scripty type thingy and a very fun DH:LoF meeting concerning the new Resistance supplement which will be available soon, way back at the beginning of January. And doing some mysterious bloggy type posts for *another blog*! Was also rather chufty about getting through to the 2nd round of the Red Planet Prize, which was delightfully unexpected. So, busy, yes. But still plenty time to be found for lazing in some unseasonally pleasant weather. (Must make the best of it, while it lasts!)

The Battlefield.
by: Dozeymagz