Monday, 29 March 2010

It's not April Yet!

All morning I've been convinced that it's April 1st today, which of course, it isn't.

Had a great weekend. Went to Conpulsion in Edinburgh, car didn't break down, ate a years worth of junk food and met up with loads of lovely folks who I haven't seen in far too long a time.
Nearly fell over at the prices of liquidy delights. Getting a round and still having change took a bit of getting used to I can tell you. Obviously I had to take full advantage of the situation and even partook of a couple of delightful cocktails. Mmmmm cocktails....

Lot's of Dark Harvest posters were given out, so the publicity monster has now been unleashed and will hopefully trample all over every major city, trashing every high rise building and bridge in it's path... sorry, getting carried away a tad there.

You can take a sneaky peak at the web site here.
Go on - you know you want to...

Other news is that I've been shortlisted for Best Script (Short film) at the End of the Pier International Film Festival! A lovely and unexpected boost!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Script Frenzy.

It's that time of year again for Script Frenzy. For anyone not aware of what it is, basically, during April, from the 1st to the 30th you aim to write a 100 page script. There are no prizes, just a splendid motivation for like minded folks to just get down and write.
If this tickles your fancy, go and take a scoobies over at their web site - but you'll have to hurry - it all kicks off on Monday.

I was too late finding out about it last year, however, I might just have a bash this time.
If anything, it'll be a good focus. Not sure what I'll do though - I've got several ideas, and it really is about time I settled down to do a feature.

In other news, I finished the Dark Harvest Website yesterday, barring the odd tweak or two. Tis an exciting project! Details will follow at the weekend when it gets pre-launched!

Speaking of which, I'm heading off to Edinburgh on Saturday! Yay!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Submissions, Web Sites and Sandwiches.

Unsurprisingly, the 'quick look over' of the short story submission this morning took about two and a half hours. I really should know that by now. Anyhoo, did several last minute changes and re-scribbles then just hit the 'send' button and be done with the little blighter. Not holding my breath though.

Had a good meeting via Skype regarding the Dark Harvest web site, which is coming along nicely. The front cover is simply gorgeous! Got until Saturday to get that all sparkly and ready.

On a completely different topic, I watched 'Doom' at the weekend and most enjoyable it was too! And I don't care if I've just lost loads of street-cred points because I don't care. I liked it. So there.

Got to love that bargain bin!

But what about the sandwiches? I hear you cry. Well, I ate them.

Monday, 22 March 2010

National Goof Off Day!

Yes! It's National Goof Off Day - Even though I haven't actually heard of it until about 3 minutes ago, I can say with honesty it is quite rapidly becoming my favourite holiday other than Christmas.

A day when I can actually not do all the things I'm meant to do and not feel guilty! Huzzah!

Unfortunately it does come at the beginning of a busy week where I need to finish off the Dark Harvest web site, work on a rewrite and submit a short story not to mention create a fabulous wasp costume from super glue, yellow ribbon and various random bits of fluff.

I love my life!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Time Wasting

Ughh! After the initial promising step of firing up Final Draft and opening up the rewrite I'm working on, so far I've filled the last hour making tea, staring blankly at my screen, getting diverted by all the lovely distractions the interwebby can throw at me, making more tea, and spotting things I need to tidy up.

And now, I've just been informed that my laptop needs to restart to install vital updates. I fear the Demons of Anti-Writing are pitched against me this day. However, I shall take great delight in poking them in the eye and telling them to sod off -

- after I've rebooted, made some more tea, emptied the dishwasher and contemplated the dust that has settled on the script in the meantime...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

First Pay Cheque!


I've just this very minute received my first ever shiny pay cheque for a piece of writing!


Oh, I feel like a proper writer now!

I must celebrate immediately with the vast consumption of tea and biscuits!

Beware the Procrastination Monster!

I thought my current dose of procrastination was only centred on a particular piece of writing I'm struggling with just now.

However, it also seems to be including a decent blog post and my laundry...