Tuesday, 8 June 2010

First Draft Finished!

I've just this second finished the first draft of Changing of the Guard. Well, I actually finished it about half an hour then spent the intervening time panicking when Movie Outline 3 decided to 'lose' it and insisted on showing 115 pages of blankness. The air, as well as the screen was blue, I can tell you!

Tuesday - 1, Magz - 0

It did, however, finally decide to return it in it's entirety but not before my stress levels made an impressive dent in the roof. Several times.

Anyway, the really odd thing is, that when I exported it to Final Draft 8, it only comes out at 92 pages. Never mind though. The ultimate page count will no doubt change drastically during the following re-writes.

So, I'm going to leave it for a little bit and concentrate on getting Retribution finally done and dusted as well as the comedy project thingy.

So, lots to do. Let the scribblings commence once more!


Having written the above at 10:16, it's now 11:13.
I've just found out that the above script, which began life as a 15 page competition entry has reached the semi-final!

Chuffed to bits!


Eventually it made the final 10! Happy! I plan to start on the 2nd Draft as soon as I finish with my Red Planet Prize entry.


Karen said...

Hey, I found you via Scribomatic.

It's a great feeling getting the 1st draft done. I just finished my writing goal for the day and it feels good.

Best wishes with your writing journey!


Magz said...

Many thanks! Hope all goes well for you too :)