Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday News!

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit rubbish – not very confident etc. “I can’t write, I’m rubbish etc etch Blah Blah” as everyone does…*grin*

However, last month I entered my 2nd writing contest (for once, NOT being put off by not getting anywhere on the first time!)

WordHustler ran a competition in March for in which you had to write an essay about ‘Why I Write,’ so I had a bash at it.

This morning I got an email saying I had received an Honourable Mention. At first I just thought – ‘Ah well,’ that’s probably a mass email sent out to everyone who entered. When I actually re-read it – I found out that there are 3 winners and only SIX Honourable Mentions!

I am CHUFFED to bits to say the least!

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