Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ticking Along

Things are ticking along nicely. Working away at several projects and I’m generally having a blast! Even if nothing ever comes out of any of it – it’ll still be worth it!

Oh! Must tell you. Weird dream the other night! I guess it was my first ’script related’ dream - I had taken one of my scripts along to the BBC (as you do!) and everyone was very nice and busy and they seemed very keen that I was there. They let me watch the filming of some police drama thingie (?) Next thing, the lady in charge who had shown me around earlier was holding all these pink pages and crying saying she just couldn’t do the script. (Maybe this is me telling myself it’s a bit rubbish! ) Anyway I was trying to convince her to go ahead and was worried about what two of the main characters would think and how upset they’d be. Next thing – there they are. Just watching in the background. Then I think everyone turned into Tellytubbies or something.

I think I may need help…

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