Saturday, 28 February 2015

Valves & Vixens: Vol 2

Well, hello! First post of 2015!

And a rather exciting post it is too! Although I've been slogging tirelessly away scribbling up the new volume of Veto Lark, (what do you mean, you don't believe me?!)  I've also been up to all sorts of other shenanigans.

"Oh do tell, Magz!" I hear you all cry in a fit of helpless curiosity.

Oh, all right then, since you insist!

One of my short stories will be appearing in Valves & Vixens Vol 2 which will be published soon.

It's an anthology of Steampunk short stories edited by Nicola Gestalt.

Ok, Steampunk Erotica to be accurate.

It's funny how I never really quite know where I'll end up...

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