Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pondering and Thinking...

… but not actually DOING much. I’m still reading ‘A Writer’s Tale’ (yes – I’m a slow reader!) and thoroughly enjoying it.

I’ve started 3 scripts with a fourth hovering on the backburner. I’ve been toying with combining two of them into one of the other scripts… but I think I’ll keep them seperate… maybe. Gahh! Indecision!

Yesterday (or was it the day before – can’t remember) upon visiting Danny Stack’s spiffing blog – it’s got loads of great advice and stuff, I noticed that he is trying to raise funds for the making of a short film. In return, he’s giving away copies of his script, useful info, video diary etc which is just such a brilliant opportunity to see how the whole process works – especially for frightened little newcomers like me! So – go take a look and give him all your dosh!

Apart from updating ‘My Other Blog’ and a casual glance through one of my projects (going to have to start giving them names… well, actually they do have names - but I’m not telling you. So there!) I have achieved remarkably little today…

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