Wednesday, 14 January 2009

More General Ramblings

I’m really amazed already! I’ve had a good few hits on this site already!

Thank you so much to jrotman and Windy Lynn for taking the time to leave lovely comments and give some good advice and helpful links! What a boost! Thank you!

A while ago, I downloaded Writer’s Cafe which I’ve used to work out some plot lines for the forum I mentioned previously.

It’s got some lovely little things in it – you can create unlimited journals for just rambling away at, notebooks for specific projects, a nice little timeline for working out scenes and their positions – you can move them around and jiggle them all over the place, and at the end, it’ll print it all out for you in whatever format you’re doing ie Screenplay, novel etc.

Now, I’ve been looking at it in a whole new light! It’s a great little program and I’m determined to use it to it’s full capability. I love it! Now… if only I could find the button that makes it actually write a best selling article/screenplay/novel/short story… I’m sure it must be hiding in there somewhere….

One of my big problems is that I spend lots of time searching around for lovely tools to use, then I never actually do anything with them! Something that I must change if I want to make a go of this! :)

I also like using smilies a lot too :D :D :D

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